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In order to enable the convenient, high-quality setting of Armenian and Latin texts of varying structures, The MicroFoundry has designed a versatile
system of fonts.
Nour is an authentic Armenian typeface containing a subordinate Latin component (for setting occasional interspersed text). It can be used in parallel to Patria, a Latin typeface which in turn contains a subordinate Armenian component. The vertical proportions of each font have been carefully chosen to maximize true harmony. Nour and Patria share an overall color and atmosphere, while maintaining cultural authenticity.

Nour&Patria Typesystem

Nours authenticity derives from the standard mediæval manuscript hand, which was in fact the basis of the first Armenian metal types. In contrast, most contemporary Armenian fonts have traded in their authenticity for decidedly Latin features, such as an upright stance and inflated x-height. The unfortunate results are cultural assimilation and reduced readability. With the introduction of Nour&Patria we hope to revive the true Armenian style, but also provide a highly versatile system. Part 3

Old Empowerment

New Impoverishment

Nour&Patria Settings