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Non-Latin type design is The MicroFoundrys mainstay, and we vie to apply the highest standards of fine Latin type to writing systems that all too often suffer from slipshod design and production. In addition to the successful independent marketing of non-Latin fonts, TMF has also licensed designs to Linotype, provided proprietary solutions to Unitype, and served in a consulting capacity for Microsoft.

Maral-Nor (Armenian)

Our strongest presence is in Armenian type, where we are regarded by many as being the foremost producer of quality fonts. With over 18 years of experience in this area, TMF has a solid grasp of every aspect of this unique writing system. From magazines to TV shows to bumper stickers, our Armenian type speaks for itself. Among our most notable designs are Linotype Maral, TMF Arasan and TMF Roupen.

TMF Akhalkalak is a strong reflection on our love of the process of discovery inherent in non-Latin type design.Akhalkalak (Georgian) In spite of a minimal prior understanding of the Georgian alphabet, we welcomed the challenge: after 2 months of scholarly research (which included consultations with an expert linguist at UCLA) and many hours of dissecting existing Georgian fonts, a unique new display face was born.

So many writing systems, so little time! Of the countless alphabets, syllabaries and logographies, The MicroFoundry has so far implemented only a handful. These include Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew and others. In some cases we have taken a script that is ill-suited to our Latinocentric technology and devised a complete solution that facilitates its use by novices or on older computer systems. One such case concerned the singularly glorious Arabic script.

Haya (Arabic)